Ordering Info

You can reach me anytime me via the contact tab at the top of this page for info about your custom project, price quotes, or to get an idea on the current lead time on instruments!

 I am a total custom builder and I hesitate to offer standard models…

Contact me anytime. When I hear from you, I will strive to get a feel of what kind of guitar you are looking, what type of music you play and how you will be using your new instrument. I will suggest which feature or combination of features from my previously built guitars would best suit your needs. I have an excellent track record of translating player needs into reality. I am a musician too. I take full advantage of my unique perspective as both professional player and master builder in bringing to life a guitar that possesses all of your needs and desires.

Upon reaching a final sketch of ideas, specs, options, schedule and costs I will require a $1000 retainer. Prior to starting your build I will drop you a note to ask you for your final spec decisions for “lock down” and to discuss any new ideas or needed revisions. All specs are negotiable until lockdown to give you plenty of time to decide. At this lockdown point the instrument will need to be 50% paid off. During construction as time is available I will send periodic email updates and status reports on how your project is shaping up. On delivery day there are no surprises, only a world class custom tailored instrument made to your vision. Balance is due prior to assembly in order to buy all needed hardware.

Pricing on my instruments vary widely and are quoted individually. I strive to have a very affordable base price for the musician looking for a great working guitar, with minimal embellishment. As a rough guide, here are the pricing basics. Prices do not include case (usually $155) nor shipping / applicable import fees. 

All retainers and payments are non refundable. Projects are non cancellable. As always, repeat customers receive a 10% discount. Pricing subject to change without notice, due to fluctuations in material prices. 

Please note my base model instruments come with one pickup, spruce top, mahogany back, sides and neck, and a satin low-maintenance finish.

Chambered or semi-hollow guitars start at $3800 (Chambered Model 13 and 14,  as well as the Model 35)

Full hollow instrument base pricing:

  • Model 14 and 15 base price- $4700
  • Model 16 base price- $5200
  • Model 17 base price- $5800

Special edition instruments are $8,500-9,500.

OPTIONS: If some bling is your thing I can make something very beautiful for you!! 😉

If you are looking for a guitar with some nicer extras, there are some available options. I stress that upgrades are purely cosmetic and do not improve the sound or play-ability, and all guitars feature high grade woods regardless. But I can include any embellishing feature you desire on your guitar with varying costs depending on materials, complexity and man hours needed.  Just let me know what you have in mind. Here are prices on some common things:

High gloss finish $800 – all base models come with low gloss satin finish. Our high gloss finish surface features a high shine mirror like finish. This process, while very beautiful, is very labor intensive hence the added cost. The satin finish is more organic, requires very low maintenance and has a very natural non-sticky feel.  
Binding: please note I do not offer plastic binding
Deluxe Maple binding package $2400
single ply wood binding (body Head and FB) $1500
single ply wood binding BODY ONLY $1200
Stained and scraped body edge (per side): $250
Faux Binding Mask- $150
Pearl blocks are $325
Split block inlay theme$400
Koa / Brass crown inlay theme $675
Alphonse Mucha headstocks- $1280
Deco crown headstock inlay $85
Pickguards/ finger rests
Ebony Peter Bernstein / Zeidler pickguard $85.
Ebony finger rest $75
Fully bound elaborate pickguard $225
Other stuff:
Special rare woods (like quilted mahogany) $1200-2000
Aged Euro Cello woods $400-600
25.5 Fender scale for $400
Florentine (sharp) cutaway- $400
22 fret extension $75
1-3/4 nut $250
Bridge pickup $225