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My old gallery page was way overgrown, unwieldy and badly in need of some updating- here’s my gallery of instruments now categorized into the main families of instruments I offer. Model number refers to the body measurement at the widest point.

  • Chambered Model 14 Ultra lightweight 14″ /356mm size semi hollow guitar. Base price $3800+ case & shipping
  • Full Hollow Model 14 Deeper bodied 14″ /356mm size,available full hollow with bracing, or with a soundpost block Base price $4700+ c&s
  • Model 35 scaled down 15″ / 381mm 335 style guitar, chambered and ultralight in weight Base price $3800+ c&s
  • Model 13 super compact 13″ / 330mm Les Paul size body, fully chambered and ultralight in weight PORTABLE! Base price $3800+ c&s
  • Full Hollow Model 15 The most popular VB…  15″ / 381mm  archtop available full hollow with bracing, or with a soundpost block. Base price $4700+ c&s
  • Full Hollow Model 16 16″ / 406mm ES 175 size body  Base price $5200+ c&s


Limited availability / Special order only guitars:

  • Full Hollow Model 17 17″ /432mm L5 size body- not as popular as in years past, but still classic! Base price $5800+ c&s
  • Full Hollow Model 18 Massive 18″ / 457mm Super 400 size body. Choose this if you want to drive a Cadillac haha! Base price $6500+ c&s
  • The Ergonomic Archtop special and unique body shape for improved body alignment. These work! Try one if you have back and shoulder problems. Great archtop tone too! Base price $5200+ c&s