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You can reach me anytime me via the contact tab at the top of this page for info about your custom project, price quotes, or to get an idea on the current lead time on instruments!

The vast majority of my instruments are commissioned privately, but occasionally I have an extra instrument made for inventory. Here are guitars that are available for immediate purchase:

In the works- a suuuper nice model 14 semi hollow is in the paint booth. Master grade heavy figure bearclaw spruce top, rare figured Port Orford Cedar body core, flame honduras mahogany neck, ebony board. I just applied a new Caramel color too. NICE this is a good one.  $5250 plus case $155  Contact Dave at Club Bass in Toronto for more info! 


In the works- another very special model 14 semi hollow is in production. Fully carved spruce top with an amazing QUILTED MAHOGANY face veneer, honduras mahogany body core and neck, Macassar ebony board. CANT WAIT to finish this one!  $4450 plus case $155  Contact Dave at Club Bass in Toronto for more info!  




– Sept 20 2017-  SOLD SOLD SOLD Brand new model 15 with cello style F holes! My most popular model guitar in amber blonde high gloss. Italian woods, beautiful flame mahogany neck. $6630.00 with Reunion Blues case.  Email me for more info! SOLD SOLD SOLD




– Sept 20 2017- SNEAK PEEK: Brand new model 14 semi hollow in transparent smoke. All solid carved spruce (back is nicely figured), ultra lightweight and comfy. Deep flame mahogany neck. High gloss top, satin back and neck. It is settling now, and will be completed with hardware soon.  with Reunion Blues case.   Available at Club Bass Toronto



– Sept 20 2017- I have a Model 14 chambered semi hollow that I made for inventory that is all finished and ready to go. All Carved woods- Sitka spruce top with deeply flamed maple laminated face / figured mahogany core / flame Mahogany neck / ebony board. BEAUTIFUL!  Available at Club Bass Toronto

2017-07-19 10.12.44




– July 1 2017- JUST COMPLETED: A new model 15 with cello style F holes! My most popular model guitar with a new look. VERY cello inspired, with Italian woods. $5495.00    7/2/2017   SOLD SOLD SOLD




– 4/21/2017- SOLD SOLD SOLD JUST PAINTED: Model 35 in “Acid Wash Black” stain. I have a new guy on the shop crew, and I decided to run a Model 35 through a build cycle here to show him the ropes. The guitar is extra, and tunred out great! I decided to try a new stained paint job on it, kind of like one of my smoke models but VERY rustic. The paint work is done and the lacquer will be cured in a week or so. I have the pickups tentatively set in the body, but not mounted yet. I’m thinking antique gold tuners, gold hardware, and these hand wound Kent Armstrong pickups. Check out that back too- it’s super figured Sitka spruce. Looks like a boat through water or something. Yessss!!!

$4300 plus case $145  Email me for more info! SOLD SOLD SOLD



3/28/2017 <<<SOLD>>> I have this brand new Model 15 that I made for myself, but if you are interested in it I will consider selling. I am already making myself another guitar 😉 All Carved woods- Sitka spruce top / Honduras mahogany back / Mahogany neck / ebony board / Lollar Imperial humbucker $5200 plus case $145  Email me for more specs and info!  3/28/2017 <<<SOLD>>>





4/3/2017 <<<SOLD>>>The prototype for shop inventory has some sweet bearclaw figure in the carved spruce top. I decided to make it a SUPER rustic cello amber. Sation finish / “dirty” binding mask $4200, case $150 +shipping   MORE INFO AND SOUND CLIPS HERE  4/3/2017 <<<SOLD>>>




3/15/2017 <<<SOLD>>> I have a Model 14 chambered semi hollow that I am making for inventory that will be done March 30. Satin RUSTIC Cello Wine (Inspired by this picture) All Carved woods- Sitka top / mahogany core / Mahogany neck / ebony board. Reserve it and choose your pickups and hardware!  $3800 plus case $145  Email me for more info! 3/15/2017 <<<SOLD>>>





–    For Canadian Players  – Announcing My Exclusive Canadian Dealer For Victor Baker Guitars! If you are in Toronto stop by their shop to see what they have!


 –    Nov 11, 2016- Model 13 chambered Les Paul size Now available!!  IN STOCK AT CLUB BASS!











–    Jan 5 2017- Model 15 MEGA QUILT archtop IN STOCK AT CLUB BASS!


Past Guitars For Sale (Yup sorry, you missed it!):


<<<SOLD>>>I have a Model 14 archtop with a SUPER RUSTIC Cello stain that I am making for inventory that will be done March 30. Carved woods- SPECIAL AND RARE 50+ yr old FLOAT LOG Sitka top / high flame Euro maple back & sides / Mahogany neck / ebony board. Flame maple head face. Reserve it and pick your harware! $5700 plus Case $145  plus shipping Email me for more info!  <<<SOLD>>>



About the guitar’s special Sitka Spruce soundboard (from my spruce guy in Alaska):

“the float the log is from that had my sons house on it in from 1955 – 2011
Here it is. You will enjoy some of the other pics here.
It was part of Gildersleave logging camp that operated in SE Alaska from 1955-2000
That float and house was purchased by JR Gildersleave from a fishtrap Company that operated in Coffman Cove.
Lashings of 1 1/4″ galvanized cable was replaced every 10-15 yrs or so. and occasionally a log would get replaced, if it was too toredo bug damaged[holey] and lost flotation. 12″ spikes were driven through 4×6 yellow cedar beams that the 2×12 red cedar deck was nailed to.”

Cool story! The wood was underwater for 50+ years!! Natural seasoning and aging! RARE.


  –  <<<SOLD>>> Prototype Model 13 semi hollow – here’s the first prototype we made of our snazzy new Les Paul size chambered semi hollow! Great compact guitar for guys who travel but need air in their sound! Mahogany / carved Spruce top / Ebony etc… Normal price $3250 <<<SOLD>>> email for specs and discount price 




– Oct 17, 2016- <<<SOLD>>> Here’s an extra Model 14 Semi I have in stock, in Burnt Sienna stain. This is one of my personal guitars. Super cool! email me for specs and discount used price <<<SOLD>>>

– Oct 17, 2016- <<<SOLD>>> Under Construction- Model 14 semi hollow – exotic Black Limba Neck and Body, Carved spruce top , chambered body ultralight weight PICS SOON!!! email me <<<SOLD>>> 

– Oct 17, 2016-<<<SOLD>>> Under Construction- Model 14 semi hollow – BLACK BEAUTY Spruce chambered Body, Carved spruce top , Mahogany Neck, ultralight weight PICS SOON!!! Needs paint job and setup email me<<<SOLD>>> 


Here is another Model 14 Black Beauty we did just like it


– Oct 17, 2016- <<<SOLD>>>Under Construction- I’ve been working on a special Model 16 commemorative model SERIAL NO 400. This will be a special edition guitar with all the bells and whistles. Heavy bearclaw spruce, super old Italian flame maple, flame Koa accents, Ivoroid full binding and special new crown inlay! THE WORKS! Special Edition- $9320 plus case <<<SOLD>>>email me


 –    July 18, 2016- <<<SOLD>>> Construction is now complete on a very cool and rustic looking Model 14. Looks like a 50 year old cello! I’ve been playing it a bit, its a good one!:-)

Model 14 base price- $4700
Aged / Figured / Euro Cello woods $400
Reunion Blues case $145

$5245 Plus Shipping and applicable taxes <<<SOLD>>>

Here is a video of it’s sister guitar that went to my client Jeff in the UK. Same specs across the board. This one has pretty much an identical tone give or take your settings.

Model 14- Italian Spruce / single hum Kent Armstrong hand wound PAF  / F holes / Italian maple back and sides well figured / floating soundpost block /Honduras mahogany neck / ebony fingerboard / 25″ 635mm scale / 1-11/16 43mm nut / 21 frets / no inlay / antiqued Cello brown stain with satin topcoat

 –    June 5, 2016- <<<SOLD>>> another “surplus parts” guitar is available! I found some more Model 14 parts from last year that have given me a head start. I had a great set of Italian maple back and sides all prepped up and ready to go. I decided to pair it with a really nice Sitka spruce soundboard that has been at the shop probably since 2004- very dry and well seasoned. Construction is now complete on it.

Model 14 base price- $4700
High gloss finish $500
Aged / Figured / Euro Cello woods $400
Reunion Blues case $145

$5745 Plus Shipping <<<SOLD>>>

Model 14- Aged Sika Spruce / single hum Throbak Peter Green  / catseye soundholes / Italian maple back and sides heavy figure / floating soundpost block / flame maple neck / ebony / 25″ 635mm scale / 1-11/16 43mm nut / 21 frets / no inlay / Burnt Sienna stain with nitro topcoat



 –  <<<SOLD>>>    April 1, 2016- I had some leftover parts hanging around for a Model 14, so I spent a little time putting it together. I decided to go with a smoke burst finish (I saw a guitar that had it and thought I gotta do one!). The guitar was stained black and then given a border burst. Really nice! 14 x 2-3/8 (356 x 60mm) body, 25″ (635mm) scale, Italian woods, floating center block, Honduras mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard, Throbak PG-102 Vintage PAF pickup. Usually $5725 w case – in stock price $5200 plus shipping  <<<SOLD>>>

click on pictures for larger view:


Heres a quick and dirty sound test I did with the guitar:

First section is a chromatic test and some chords of the guitar and amp through my phone mic, to get a little combined acoustics and amp sound combined. The mic isnt the greatest and has some dead spots (probably compression in the mic software or something).

2nd section is the same test as above with the amp mic’d only (Zoom H5 mic). Amp is Henriksen “The Bud”

3rd section is me shedding “Self Duo” style over a tune I’m writing (kill 2 birds with one stone as they say haha!). Drum track is from the phone app “Drumgenius“- this app is FUN you should get it!



 –      <<<SOLD>>> April 1, 2016- I also have this instrument I made for myself, I like it ALOT! But i thought I’d post it on this page too since I have bills haha 😉 – I really like the black one above as well so depending on which sells I’ll just keep the other one. 14 x 1-3/4 (356 x 40.5mm) body, 25″ (635mm) scale, Italian woods, chambered Sugar Pine, Honduras mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard, Throbak PG-102 Vintage PAF pickups. Usually $4725 w case – in stock price $4250 plus shipping.   <<<SOLD>>>